“Katharine is a quite simply a marketing powerhouse. She is a versatile team player who excels at whatever she does; whether it be marketing, marketing communications, advertising, branding, event planning, or public relations. Have a troubled project that is sinking fast? Throw her in the deep... she’ll right the sinking ship and get it back on course. Need to give that tired campaign a fresh look? She’ll bring the creative touch your looking for. Looking to get the right exposure, in front of the right people? Katharine can make it happen. She’s a smart, hard worker who I found to be a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend adding Katharine to your team.”
Scott Gordon, Founder, EPIC Innovations, Inc.

“Katharine worked for me for many years, and has my highest recommendation. Her corporate communications and branding work is of the highest caliber. She was the creative talent for our corporate ID, including web site, literature, logos, ads, user’s manuals, conferences, and all the things in between. She’s also a dedicated and hard-working person, and I hope to continue to contract with her in the future. She had worked for me for many years before at Altsys Corporation, where she also established our graphical identity, and she later ran creative services [as Creative Director] at Macromedia, after Macromedia bought Altsys. Experience, talent, and a nice person, too.”
Jim Von Ehr, Founder, Chairman, Zyvex Group companies

“Katharine Green is a superb practitioner of the art of corporate communications. Her skills are impressive. Her commitment to her job is total. Her keen understanding of human interactions in person and through different media sets her apart from every other communications person that I have ever worked with in companies big and small. I have personally benefited from my association with her over the past 7 years at Zyvex and have thoroughly enjoyed having worked with her. I can give her no less than my highest recommendation.”
John N. Randall, Chief Technical Officer, Zyvex Corporation

“Katharine Green is one of the most talented professionals in the areas of communications and public relations utilizing her expert skills in web, print, and media to ensure products get to market and embraced. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and has a high level of creativity, integrity, and ability to work with entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists.”
Sha-Chelle Devlin Manning, Managing Director, NanoHoldings

“Of all the high tech start-ups, growth companies, and even large public corporations I have worked in, it’s rare to find one individual who is as talented as Katharine. The ability to take esoteric, confusing, and vague engineering concepts, and translate them into concise verbal and visual images is rare. Plus, organize them on web sites, etc. and create effective PR and marketing messages. Plus, Katharine’s ability to work with a variety of scientific and business personalities, and her flexibility and work ethic, were of great value. Highly efficient and effective.”
Richard Weitzel, Director Sales and Marketing, Zyvex Corporation

“Katharine was a fantastic Creative Director at Macromedia. She managed to balance the overwhelming project cue without cutting corners design-wise. She protected the style guide and demanded attention to detail from her team, but managed to protect her team and maintain high morale. Her working relationship with the upper level management was always productive and even keeled. She knew when to buckle down and make the deadlines at any cost when it was necessary... and how to politely push back when it wasn’t. I consider Katharine to be a personal mentor and my time working with her at Macromedia was an instrumental step towards becoming a designer.”
Hillman Curtis, Owner, hillmancurtis, inc.

“What strikes me most about Katharine’s accomplishments is her willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done well. She managed an overseas design team on the New Macromedia Corporate ID, commuted between Texas and California, became the new director of the group, and had to quickly assess talent and make some decisions on who was to stay and who was to go. Through all this change, Katharine kept the company’s needs first and dealt fairly with people. Katharine prepares well thought out plans and works closely with her team to produce excellent work. You can count on her to deliver on time and on budget. She is also not afraid to make tough decisions or inform you of news that isn’t pleasant (but is correct). Her positive attitude, consistency and results-orientation show in everything Katharine does. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Bud Colligan, CEO, Macromedia
(Now with Accel Partners)

“Katharine has a unique ability to interface with designers and copywriters as well as business folks. She is able to get great creative teams to be more productive on challenging projects while making sure that the basic requirements for the business get met. Having worked on creative professional software for most of her career she knows how to work with designers! Katharine has a good eye and a good ear for language — always a critical ability for creative directors.”
Tom Hale, VP, Product Management and Product Marketing, Macromedia
(Now Chief Product Officer at Linden Lab)

“I first met Katharine while serving as the CEO and co-Founder of the North Texas Technology Council (NTTC). Katharine joined our Board and created NTTC’s entire branding campaign that was an incredible success. In turn, I joined Katharine on the Board of the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative. Her dedication, drive and leadership was instrumental in bringing both national and international awareness and of both North Texas and Zyvex as the leader in an important and newly emerging technology. Any company fortunate to have Katharine on their team will find the drive, talent, creativity and leadership for propelling their message and business forward.” Cynthia de Lorenzi, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, The North Texas Technology Council

“I knew Katharine when we both worked at Zyvex. She was Director of Corporate Communications. She’s absolutely fantastic! Whether it’s setting up a web site for maximum impact, screening reporters, advising on how to handle an interview, doing PR photos, or making a conference work she can do it all. If it involves getting a message across, she knows how to do it.”
Ralph Merkle, Nanotechnology Theorist , Zyvex Corporation

“Katharine is dedicated professional who is very talented in the field of marketing and communications. Katharine’s creativity and attention to detail has been exceptional throughout our working relationship. I highly recommend Katharine for any position where creativity, detail, and professionalism are essential to success.”
Lance Criscuolo, General Manager, Zyvex Performance Materials